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Awhina Haring knows nothing is more healing and powerful than the koru pattern. For over three decades, the well-known Auckland fabric artist has screenprinted her own koru designs.

Yet ever since Awhi first moved to Aotearoa from The Netherlands at the age of 33 to live at Te Hui Rangiora Marae in Kirikiriroa, she has always known that the koru had more to give.

The Koru holds the highest energy of love and light.
The Koru is deeply connected with the loving energy of Papatuanuku.
In connecting with the Koru patterns the powerful loving energy connects within our wairua (spirit) and instant healing happens.

"When we work with it in our own designs, the koru gives us the power to change the world," explains Awhina. "The koru connects us to our wairua."

Our framed korowai are:

Handmade korowai, set in a beautiful wooden frame ready for you to display in your whare! Each korowai is unique and one of a kind, handmade by our korowai experts.

We also create Custom Korowai with exactly what colours and design you are after

Please use the contact form on the Customs page to get in touch with our team and have a hui to let us know exactly what you are after!

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